Disclaimer: These are affiliate links, however, I have been using all of the resources listed personally for at least a year and I am recommending them because I find them helpful and useful, not because of the small commission I get if you sign up using one of my links.




This is a fantastic hosting company.  This website along with many other websites I administer are all hosted with Dreamhost.  With just a few clicks you can register a new domain name, add hosting, and even install  WordPress.  Their response time in the event of an issue is great and even though all hosting companies experience some down time, the downtime I’ve experience with Dreamhost over the 4+ years I’ve been with them has been minimal.




Before using Freshbooks, I tracked time with Toggl and I would keep track of the amount of time I had accumulated for a project and whether or not I had billed it with a complicated mixture of Toggl and Trello.  This turned into a mess very quickly.  Freshbooks has greatly simplified my life and I’ve been using them for about 3 years now.  The automatic recurring invoicing is especially handy for clients that I do ongoing work for.  Rather than tracking it myself, I just record time against a project and Freshbooks handles the rest.  It’s also easy to generate account aging reports and see how much un-billed time I have accumulated.




Fundbox seamlessly integrates with Freshbooks and several other services.  It lets you clear invoices before the client has actually paid.  This can be particularly useful if you have several clients paying net-30 and you need some operating capital before then.  The rates are reasonable and they automatically handle depositing the funds into your bank account and collecting payment.  They give you 12 weeks to repay the advance and there is a small fee added on to each week based on the total value of the advance.  They give you the option to pay the whole thing off at any time so you can save on fees.