Cultivating Healthy Client Relationships

When starting out, the pressure to get any revenue coming in can be huge.  Depending on your situation, you could either be scrambling for money to pay your bills after a sudden job loss or you could just be in a hurry to spread your wings and leave your office gig.   In either event, it’s Read More


Income Stream Diversification

Life loves to throw us curveballs.  Government regulations, injuries, market changes, and miscellaneous life events such as marriage or having children seem to come around before it’s entirely convenient. John Lennon said it best, “Life’s what happens while you’re busy making other plans.”  The best way to prepare for these changes it to avoid putting Read More


What To Charge

Figuring out what to charge is one of the very first questions that a freelancer must tackle.  There’s a wide range of what constitutes a fair hourly rate depending on your particular industry.  Photographers, developers, and mechanics all have different median rates.  When thinking about how to competitively price your services against other professionals in Read More



We live in a fast-paced society.  Human beings are hard-wired to favor instant-gratification.  While this was great for survival when we were living in caves, in modern times it can be a hindrance that finds us getting bored and moving on quicker than we should. Perseverance is required to overcome this natural tendency.


Overcoming Negative Reviews

One of my ex-clients had an experience that was so bad, they wanted to tell everyone about it!  I foolishly thought I could continue indefinitely without any negative reviews.  I had a 100% positive feedback rating and never had a single unhappy client from 2012 up until late 2015.  I had taken a small front-end Read More


Rituals For Success

Life is hectic, especially for freelancers.  You’re responsible for sales and marketing, performing the work, recruiting sub-contractors, accounts payable, accounts receivable, on top of whatever other obligations you may have outside of work.  The easiest way to stay ahead of the game and make sure that you’re doing everything you need to achieve your goals Read More


Project Proposals, A Winning Recipe

We’re all familiar with spam, be it the “dear sir/madam” opening or the completely irrelevant content, it’s easy to spot spam from miles away.  When you’re bidding on jobs on Upwork,, or anywhere else, you’ll want to avoid submitting project proposals that sound spammy. If you can’t put the effort into your very first Read More


Start Small with Moonlighting

There’s a myth that starting a business means that you need to quit your day job, take out a business loan, purchase a store front, hire some staff, and lose money for 5 years before you start to make money. It’s a bad idea to dive head-first into anything, let alone a big pool of Read More


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